our mission is to give our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. we offer a wide variety of metal structures from metal carports to metal barns. call us today to get a free quote. if you do not find the building you are looking for do not be afraid to ask. all of the buildings we have are custom made to fit your needs. 

Q. When do I get my carport after I place in the order?

A. You will receive your unit within 6 weeks; in other words we will deliver and install your unit anywhere from 1-6 weeks.

Q. How do I know when they will be here?

A. EB Carports will give you a call from 3-5 days before we deliver your unit.

Q. What payment methods can I use?

A. You may pay with Cash, Cashiers Check, OR A Money Order which will be due at the time of installation. YOU MAY ALSO PAY WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD With A 3% PROCESSING FEE.

Q. Can I get my carport if my land is not level?

A. we do not install on land that is unlevel. our professional installers call level out for an additional labor charge. However, if the lot is too unlevel, the unit will not be put up.